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Cross-stitched life, observed from the underside.


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My thoughts on The Cross? So glad you asked, Carly!
Here it is, in one sentence:

The Great I AM

Who knew me before He created the world;

Planned for my redemption,while I was yet a sinner,even born of a sinner;

By leaving His Lofty, Royal Throne and lowering Himself to be born as a helpless human infant, of a virgin, no less;

Because only a blood relative, a Kinsman-redeemer, can purchase another person from slavery;

And I was indeed in slavery, to sin, and in need of this Kinsman-Redeemer;

So, the Great I AM crashed into this world of sin-sick humanity, of whom I am chief, and loved not His own life, even unto death, even death on a cross;

To pay my debt owed to God, which debt was death;

For all have sinned and fallen far short of the glory of God;

And because the only just and right penalty of sin is death;

By the shedding of His own blood, for only the pure spotless blood of a lamb can atone for this type of sin, for life is in the blood;

The Great I Am, came down to planet Earth, born as the
Lamb of God,
as the Son of man,
for the sole purpose of death for my sin, even yours, even death on a cross--the most humiliating kind;

With His human flesh exposed for all the world to see, for me, for you;

Willingly giving His UNIQUE life, that I might live, and you also, if only we BELIEVE,
And I do,

Not only that, but hallelujah, the cross is empty, as He was resurrected on the Third Day;

Just as He promised His disciples, just as was prophesied hundreds of years prior to His miraculous birth, which was also prophesied;

And because of this cross, and because I choose to believe in what He did for me;

I died with Him, was resurrected to newness of life, became a new creature, resulting in the fact that it is now no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me;

Putting my fear of death to death, even the sting of death and hell, because Jesus tasted death for me, even for you;

By the simple act of taking Him at His Word, and believing that He did it for me, not because I was good enough or worked hard at pleasing Him or any other useless thing on my part, but that it was ALL His doing, and nothing that I did to merit His lovingkindness towards me, who deserved death and hell for my acts of disobedience;

Just believing and accepting His work on the cross was done for me, because He loved me and not because I deserved it, but just because of His great and mysterious unconditional love for me; because all that is good originate in Him;

Knowing that everything is from Him and for Him and back to Him, even me;

All because of that beautiful act of His obedience to our Father,


Now, what are YOUR thoughts?