Faith that Builds an Ark

Posted by izonprize

I just heard a good teaching and wanted to share the parts I believe apply to those who have been called to work Plexus as a business.  When I first began taking Plexus I said I would never "work" this as a business.  I had no heart for it nor was I looking for a job.  I was already investing 30-50 hours a week in Breakthrough Ministries, teaching and writing Bible studies, discipling women and investing in my marriage, children and grandchildren.  I had no margin in my schedule for a "real job".  Well, as I have learned through hard knocks in this walk with God, never tell God you won't do something.  When Brandy asked me, "Leeanna, didn't you say Plexus was an answer to your prayers? What if Plexus is an answer to your friends prayers too?  Wouldn't you want to share it if so?"   So the answer was, "Yes".  I began to share with my FB friends and with my friends in person and all over the USA.  Guess what happened?  All of a sudden I realized I had a "real job"!  In fact, I very timidly told my husband "I am SO sorry, but I think I have a business and I didn't mean for it to happen!"   He laughed!  And eventually with the downturn in the oil and gas economy, he began to tell me with a smile, "Work it, Baby!"  
By God's grace, He's given me a passion for this "work".  I now have a team of
Hundreds, an amazing full time income and still have been able to invest 30-50 hours a week in ministry!
This brings me to the teaching I heard today that made me think of
you!  Faith Works.  God will give us an idea, a direction, a warning, an opportunity BUT He will never work that idea FOR us.  He will work within us and He will inspire us but He will never do the work FOR us.  It's our job to work out that idea.  Faith without works is dead or useless or unfruitful.  Just like when Noah built the Ark.  God told Noah to build the Ark.  God did not build the Ark FOR Noah.  Noah built as the people around him laughed and mocked him.  For about 100 years, Noah built as people mocked.  They had never seen a drop of rain so they didn't understand his "foolishness" in building a place of future refuge.  Have you been falsely seen as a fool?  What has God given YOU the faith to build?  Stop asking GOD to build it for you!  He has given you the faith and the tools and the grace to build it, but
please don't expect Him to do it for you.   If God gave you the inspiration, then He has also given you everything you need to finish the work.  Are people mocking you as you build? You will not be put to shame!   Keep building.  Keep working.  God is going to send the "rain".  One day you will look back and see the safety God created for you and your family because you didn't give up and you didn't give in to peer pressure or naysayers or mockers.  Keep you eyes on Christ.  Keep your eyes on the prize!  Build what God has told you to build and stop listening to those who don't understand and who don't follow you.  Stop looking to the right or the left and run your own race.  Noah survived the flood with only his wife, three sons and their wives.  That's it.  The rest who mocked and ignored Noah's faith and work and preaching,
perished.  Stay focused.  Build your "Ark".   Be blessed!   I am cheering you on! Love Never Fails, Leeanna.

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