Let My Words Be Few

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A servant of the Lord must not argue (be quarrelsome, wrangle with words). Instead, he must be kind to everyone, teachable, willing to suffer wrong, 2 Timothy 2:24
But a Servant of our Lord ought not to fight, but to be humble toward every person, instructive and long-suffering,(Aramaic Bible)

The wise fear the LORD (cautious) and shun (turn from, depart from) evil, but a fool is hotheaded (raging, easily angered, throws off restraint, reckless, arrogant, careless, overconfident, recklessly confident, insolent, overbearing, transgressing) and yet feels secure (confident).Proverbs 14:16

Gill's Commentary:
but the fool rageth, and is confident; he fears neither God nor men, he sets his mouth against both; he "rages" in heart, if not with his mouth, against God and his law, which forbid the practice of such sins he delights in; and against all good men, that admonish him of them, rebuke him for them, or dissuade him from them: and "is confident" that no evil shall befall him; he has no concern about a future state, and is fearless of hell and damnation, though just upon the precipice of ruin; yet, as the words may be rendered, "he goes on confidently", nothing can stop him; he pushes on, regardless of the laws of God or men, of the advices and counsels of his friends, or of what will be the issue of his desperate courses in another world.

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