Posted by izonprize

Hi Friend,
I have to say, I didn't know you had another friend except for me (ha,ha!! That's a JOKE, just kiddin' ya!!)....You are an amazing woman, very special (not special like Walmart Special; special like Imported Fine Crystal intertwined with Jerusalem Clay Pottery Sculpture Special)... You say you think you are ordinary and had an ordinary life, well, I can only compare yours with mine. My mom also sewed for me. Everything I wore up until 9th grade was handmade. Even my winter coats were created by hand. I used to dream of store-bought clothes like my peers wore! My mom sewed my clothes during the night hours because her day job was being a seamstress to ladies like Eleanor Warren, as in the Warren Brothers Lumber Company in Beaumont, Texas. I know, impressive, right?! Funny how you always know the right subjects to bring up to remind us of how "special" our childhoods were. The unhappy parts of our childhoods and what we came to believe about ourselves because of them, made us who we are today. Our choices over what we came to believe (lies) about ourselves because of those events have driven our emotions like an electric locomotive on a straight path to nowhere. But there is always hope to change that path when we choose to revisit those painful places and root out the lies and replace them with truth. Someone once told me "people can't change". I strongly disagree. I have changed A LOT...well maybe I should agree with that person and say I didn't change anything, God changed me as I yielded myself to truth. I thank God for my opportunities to have a conversation with Him when these old memories trigger sadness or other negative emotions. I think I will go have a conversation with God right now! Thank you for always challenging our hearts and minds and NO, you are no where close to ordinary my friend....no where close!