Posted by izonprize

Recently, as I was taking notes and looking down at my lap, I had the thought "you are really small", in reference to my bust. Even though I am a 34F, that thought felt true to me. It was a random, but familiar thought. Soon after that thought, as I was at the sink washing my hands and looking into the mirror I realized, "You are NOT small!", Then, I immediately felt God telling me, "When you look into the 'Mirror' of Truth you see reality; when you walk away from the 'Mirror of Truth' you immediately go back to believing the old lies'. Soon after this happened, I had a Theophostic Prayer Ministry session where I had a memory of someone telling me in about the 6th grade, "YOU don't need a training bra". That statement stayed with me all my life until recently. It was a lie, of course; but no matter how big my bra size became, I saw myself as 'lacking'. So every time I would begin to lose weight and my bust measurements would shrink I would start to panic and think,"Something must be wrong with me", or "Something is lacking in me", or "I am not normal". Those were 12-year old conclusions in reaction to another 12-year old's observations of me that were actually misconceptions that I had latched onto as truth. Through the ministry of the Holy Spirit speaking His truth to me, I don't believe those lies anymore. The amazing truth is, there is nothing wrong with me, I am not lacking anything, and losing weight in my bust does not make mean I am not "normal" or "lacking". This has been life-changing for me and I hope, others will be free also from any similar childhood beliefs that are hindering their attempts at healthy weight loss.