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Is it a Healthy NEED or an Unhealthy WANT?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Healthy wants become unhealthy when we turn them into needs. 
Our desires were intended to supplement our life experiences. 
When we turn theses desires into a "need to sustain our life", 
we have crossed over into a place that can possibly put us into bondage and or addiction. 
We can recognize if we have elevated a desire/want to a place of need, 
if we will just take the time to examine our hearts. 

Recently, I made a HEALTHY LIVING CONTRACT with myself. 
I began to list the things I will choose not to eat and drink during the term of this contract. 
As I began to do so, I found myself hesitating on certain foods and drinks. 
What I discovered in the hesitation, was that I had been deceived into believing that these WANTS were now a NEED of mine and critical to my survival in this life. 
How deceptive these lies can be! I actually had thoughts such as, "If I can't have this food, 
I will not be able to be happy and I will not be able to keep my commitment!". 
WOW; that immediately felt like a lie to my soul. 
This was truly an awakening for me. 

Who do you think it is that would want to turn your life's wants into needs 
in order to make your life's worth an issue out of them? 
Does your self-talk or language ever include, 
"I must have ________(food, drink, clothing, relationships, etc.) in order to feel (happy, fulfilled, at peace, comforted, etc)? 
Unless I surrender all my rights, even my healthy rights, 
I have placed myself under a law on myself or another to meet my needs. 

(This part is personal to me, but you can feel free to adjust to fit your own... 
Christ is my life--He is Eternal Life, the Way, the Truth and the Life; 
If I have to be in Christ plus ANYTHING else, in order to feel peaceful, 
then I have believed a lie that will paralyze me and my goals for a healthy lifestyle. 
I need water, love, acceptance, and healthy foods to survive and be happy. 
I do not need junk food to be loved, accepted, or to survive or be happy. 
Christ is my life and I need nothing besides Him and His directives to have my needs met.) 

I believe the enemy would like to keep me turning my unhealthy wants into (perceived) needs 
so that I would continue trying to meet those needs in my own strength and power (because HE will certainly not be giving me HIS power and strength to meet those deceptively inspired, perceived needs. 

I choose to surrender all that is unhealthy today. 
There is NOTHING I need that has not already been given to me. 
The things that I need are FREE to me. 
The things that are unhealthy wants are very COSTLY to me. 
I refuse to bow to unhealthy wants. 
I commit today to live a life of surrender and be thankful that all my needs are 

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