Investing in the Temple

Posted by izonprize

What's on my mind? I'm on a personal quest.  Here's somethings I'm learning.
1.  We tend to treat our homes better, the cars we drive, better and other people better than we treat our body GOD designed for His glory.  Our body is the only vehicle through which we can experience life and life experiences and is the only vehicle we will ever have to express what's in our soul and spirit.
2.  Science places a value of about 85 Billion Dollars on a human body. God says our bodies are the temple for His Holy Spirit to indwell.  I call that priceless.
3. There are some common beliefs/lies within many of us that says,
1. "Taking care of myself means I am selfish".
2. "If I spend time taking care of me, that will somehow take away from those I love, or cause them pain".
3.  "If I take care of everyone else first, there will still be left over energy to care for myself".
4. "My physical value to God is inferior to others value to God".

The Truth is:
1.  I am not selfish for taking care of me.  The most important thing I can to for God is to love and take care of myself. A healthy mind and body gives me more strength to minister to others.
2.  Spending time wisely taking care of myself is not going to diminish another person's well-being or take away from them in any way.  It will not cause them unnecessary pain.
3. If I take care of everyone else's needs first, there will never be any energy left over to care for me.
4. My physical value to God is just as priceless as everyone else's in my world.  God does not birth "step-children".

Something to Ponder:
How much more time will I let evaporate before I recognize that this life, in this body, is the only one I will ever be given, on this earth, for God's ultimate glory?
My days are ultimately numbered, and the greatest gift I can give to God and my family is to live each moment, consciously making valuable deposits into my physical, spiritual and mental well-being.  Today is the day that counts.  Tomorrow is never promised.
Begin to "tithe" 10% of each waking day into my own well-being.


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