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When your husband, pastor or church leader abandons the faith and walks away from you, the Church, his family and God to pursue the things of this world, there are some things you will need to accept, know, lay down, and fully believe, in order to find healing.    
  1. CHRIST IS HEAD OF THE CHURCH.  Nothing has changed.  God is still your Leader, follow Him.  Either you have followed a man, or you have followed Christ.  Choose this day whom you will serve, as for me and my house, we will follow the Lord Jesus. 
  2. ACCEPT THE FACT THAT ANYONE CAN REJECT CHRIST AND THEN, MOVE ON  Just because a person carries a title of minister, pastor, teacher, etc,  doesn't mean they will remain faithful or committed.  Stop asking "Why?" Or "How could this happen?", and accept it. Denying the facts only delays your healing.  Anyone can choose to walk away at anytime.  No one is exempt.  Acceptance paves the way for forgiveness. 
  3. FORGIVENESS BRINGS LIFE TO YOU.  You will have a tendency to want to hate or be angry.  All this does is put you in a position to painfully and vainly follow the one who betrayed you.  Through forgiveness, you release them to God for His righteous judgment and let go of your rights to be right.  Their sin, although causing many innocent ones pain, is still sin against God and God alone (Psalm 51).  God will not be mocked and as a man sows, so he will reap.  Vengeance is the Lord's, so lay down yours.  Those who have been forgiven much, love much.  
  4. LOVE ANYWAY.  Remember Christ, He is your example.  There is nothing you have experienced that Jesus didn't experience.  There is no pain that He cannot sympathize with.  On the day He died for every sin, He saw this day would come into your life, and He paid the highest price.  You may be surprised, but He is not.  Jesus, as your example, was betrayed with a kiss by the closest of friends, for a few pieces of silver.  He was mocked, beaten, laughed at and publicly exposed.   But no matter what it physically and emotionally cost Him personally, he loved them anyway.  He laid down his life willingly.  No one took his life from him.  It was a gift.  Undeserved and trampled underfoot, but nevertheless, a gift of God's grace.  You will never be able to scrape together what it will take to forgive and love the one who betrayed you.  That love is heavenly minded and can only come from the Spirit within you.  When you release them into God's hands, you let yourself go free.  Forgiveness doesn't mean they get a "get out of jail free card"; it does means you do.  Unforgiveness and bitterness is the worst kind of prison.  As you forgive others so God forgives you.  Love covers a multitude of sin.  Love never fails.  
  5. DON'T LOOK BACK; YOU AREN'T GOING THAT WAY.  Regret is not your friend.  Stop rehearsing the past and move forward.  God knows the plans he has for you: plans to bless and prosper you; plans to give you a future and a hope.  No one can thwart God's plans for your future.  He is an expert at making all things work together for your good because you love Him and you walk according to His ways.  He will withhold no good thing from those who love him and walk uprightly.  You will see the salvation of the Lord because His banner over you is love.  There is nothing too hard for the Lord.  Grieving may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning.  There is a time to grieve and there is a time to put away grieving.  The joy of the Lord is your strength.  Have a confident expectation of something good to come.  God is not a man that He would lie.  He will never leave you or forsake you.  With men, this is impossible but with God, all things are possible.  Man will fail you.  Man will leave you.  Man will forsake you.  But God will remain faithful.  His love endures.  Your story is still being written.   God holds the pen.  Trust Christ. 


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