Golgotha Thoughts

Posted by izonprize

Do you recall the location where Jesus was crucified?  It was called "Golgotha", which meant: "Place of the Skull".  If we are to be fully effective, in any area of our lives, the first field of conflict, where we must do battle, is the territory of the mind.  For the battlefield of the uncrucified thought-life is the precursor to vile and unwanted behaviors.  Do you know the areas where you are most vulnerable to sin?  To humble ourselves, is to refuse to defend the flesh, and acknowledge the rebellion as against God alone, and choose to abandon that pathway of destruction.  Sin habits rob us of power and joy and peace and they become strongholds and playgrounds for the enemy to do his best work in us. Secret sins are the perfect building materials for strongholds in the "house" of the mind.  The enemy of our soul is counting on us to build a nest, in our mind, of corrupt thinking, opinions, attitudes and judgments that are in agreement with the plots, plans and schemes of the Adversary, impregnating us to birth sin, unforgiveness and bitterness.  Death to all our hopes and dreams for a good future is the end result of a corrupt mind.  To live a full and victorious life, we must crucify the flesh, in the place of the skull.  We must be renewed in the spirit of our minds!